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Our Story

Carts Gone Wild started as a dream for Tony and Dana Hallam in 2003 while both were working full time. Tony started building customized golf carts out of their garage, and had a vision of starting a company which produced highly customized golf carts used by the rich and famous. He envisioned a business similar to the TV reality show Orange County Choppers. Tony always had a love for automobiles. He spent his teenage years learning to be a mechanic and restoring automobiles. During college, Tony worked as a Crew Member in competitive auto racing and spent time working at Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky as an intern. He graduated from Indiana State University in 1996 and went on to spend 15 years working as a Quality Engineer for Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Indiana. He worked in vehicle validation testing, design development, and complete vehicle quality. Dana spent 12 years working for Toyota Motor Manufacturing in foreign trade, logistics, and parts ordering. Both shared dreams of someday building a small business from the ground up. Building something special, unique, and out of the ordinary. This dream began to take shape in 2003.

Carts Gone Wild has been customizing and building unique golf carts since 2003. We have a long list of famous clients and sports figures who have enjoyed our products over the years. The clients include NFL coaches, NFL team owners, NBA coaches, and NHRA drag racing champions. Carts Gone Wild’s first major accomplishment took place in 2010 when they were awarded the Top 5 Dealer in the United States for Star Electric Vehicles. The significant part of this award was that they did this out of their garage. They managed to sell 325 Star Electric Golf Carts from their home based business in just a few months. This was a major stepping stone towards long term growth. Tony and Dana quickly outgrew their home based location and moved to a more business friendly location in 2010. This was yet another stepping stone to additional growth. Tony and Dana purchased their dream business property from good friends in 2013, which is a 8.5 acre facility located in Haubstadt, Indiana. This is the time when Carts Gone Wild became a legitimate player in the customized golf cart industry.

Today we have the ultimate one stop, complete custom golf cart shop. We specialize in everything from mild restoration to wild custom cart building and design. Tony and Dana have incorporated several key principles from the Toyota Production System into their business, which include continuous improvement, standardized work, team oriented atmosphere, and many others. Our services include a full automotive paint booth, on site air brush artist, hydrographic paint process, fab shop, battery sales, storage facilities, and a wide variety of golf cart services. We have a 7000 sq. ft. showroom to showcase our products and several buildings to warehouse are own line of Carts Gone Wild parts and accessories. Carts Gone Wild has perfected the cart building process. We provide a unique high quality product while offering unbeatable customer service at competitive pricing. Carts Gone Wild was awarded Gibson County Business of the Year in 2015. Tony and Dana fulfilled another life-long dream in 2015, by funding an overseas business in Bimini, Bahamas called ABC Golf Cart Rental by Carts Gone Wild. Ambrose Francis was hand-picked to manage the Bimini location. Ambrose rents golf carts to tourists and locals on the small island in the Bahamas, which provides a comfortable way of living for him, his wife, and 5 kids.

Carts Gone Wild thrives on providing a positive buying experience for all customers. Our main business revolves around referrals and repeat customers. We truly enjoy our customers like our own family. You will likely be greeted by a smiling face upon entering the door, followed by a hug once you leave. Many previous customers show up from time to time to see our latest creations or just to stop in and say hello. Every customer is a Carts Gone Wild family member. Stop in and enjoy the experience!

Carts Gone Wild…..”You dream it, we build it.”