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  • "We found an ad on FB for new take off wheels/tires. I called make sure they still had some and was told they did.
    We drove down to Haubstadt to their easy to find shop.
    The parking area was pretty much full and I thought it might be a wait to get helped.
    Immediately as we walked in, a pleasant lady asked if she could help us?
    I explained we were there for a set of four new cart take offs, Comfort Ride tires with wheels.
    She retrieved one to show me and I agreed they were fine.
    A guy appeared and added his agreement to the price I was quoted on the phone and we paid.
    I decided to use the restroom before going around to pick up the new wheels/tires.
    As I started to the RR, another person asked if we had been helped.
    As I was returning to my waiting wife near the entry, another employee came out to see if she had been helped.
    We drive around the building to get the Wherls/tires and the first employee had the tires waiting and started loading them, at this time, Tony (co owner) came to help and we talked a but about where he was from and I asked about a cowl for a Club Car DS. He took me to their boneyard and searched for one, only finding one with a Carts Gone Wild wrap on it.
    This he graciously allowed me to have... Free.
    I tell all this to say this... I can’t remember when a business that I had never been to before, gave me such quick, efficient, accurate and generous service.
    Instead of the usual stand in line, get ignored by salespeople and having to argue about the price promised, Carts Gone Wild gave a perfect buying experience and then done.
    They’ve made me a future customer and I’ll tell everyone I know about their beautiful showroom, excellent customer service and fair pricing.
    Tony, Dana and the others we met, thank you for a great experience.
    Bob and Patty"

    Overall Rating:
    Robert Bex - IN
  • "In 2016 we purchased a Yamaha golf cart from Carts Gone Wild. In late 2017 we had them install a after market 3” lift kit. We did not ride until the Spring of 2018. We noticed the cart became hard to hold on the road and hard to steer. We had Carts gone wild pick it up and fix it but it did not work long and the same thing happen. So Carts gone wild come picked it up again. After we had it a few weeks the same thing again. So we had them pick it up again and this time they took the lift kit off a brand new 2018 factory installed cart. They have taken care of all the expenses on this. I would highly recommend Carts Gone Wild because they stand behind their product and want to satisfy their customers
    All the problems we had was no fault of Carts Gone Wild, Tony took care of all the problems we had at no cost to us. In my business we purchase millions of dollars of new equipment each rear and I have never got the service like I have from Carts Gone Wild. If you are looking for a new cart or a good used one go to Carts Gone Wild. From the owner, to the salesmen to the service department they are top notch"

    Overall Rating:
    Steve Cornelius - Switz City, IN
  • "Dana and Tony hit another home run on my cart. It looks AWESOME! It is an IU themed cart, and the new chrome wheels and low profile tires make the cart look completely different. The brand new seating scheme has totally transformed the cart from looking somewhat ordinary to really standing out now. And the add-on feature I can't wait to use all summer is the 2 speakers and and iPod integration they installed. Sounds great too. I would NEVER use anyone else to work on my cart. Not only do they do good work, but they are as nice as can be. Happy to have them as a local business owner in the area. HIGHLY recommend using Carts Gone Wild"

    Overall Rating:
    Brandon Vignolo - Evansville, TN
  • "Want a Cart? Look no further. Dana and Tony know how to build Cart's. Simply awesome people to work with, strong customer service and you just don't find commitment to customer service like they do it. We have had our cart for couple months now and we are really happy with it. It's eye catching and can't tell you how many time's folk's have stopped us to take a picture of it. It was built with a St Louis Cardinals theme and pictured under our work on CGW web site. Price was reasonable and we plan to take it back for more accessories. We are truly proud of it. Thank you Dana and Tony for a great cart and your commitment to #1 customer service. You do an outstanding job of it."

    Overall Rating:
    Herb & Kathy Miller - St. Louis, MO
  • "LUV our cart we purchased from Carts Gone Wild! We go for a ride every evening with our son, dog and granddaughter. Dana and Tony were great to work with and I don't want to forget Kassie who was AWESOME helping me pick out the seat covers and steering wheel and everything else we added. Thanks to you all!! :)"

    Overall Rating:
    Mark & Wendy Stone - Grayville, IL
  • "Just bought my second golf cart from Carts Gone Wild. MY first fully customized gas cart and it is above and beyond my expectations. Great place to buy or have work done. Every person there is happy to help you and answer any questions you have! Thank you Tony Dana Kassie for everything!"

    Overall Rating:
    Greg & Emily Gardner - Haubstadt, IN
  • "Dana and Tony are wonderful - very honest and upfront regarding options, pricing, and delivery dates. Our LSV has become the vehicle of choice for our shorter trips around town."

    Overall Rating:
    Jeff Heister - Evansville, IN
  • "Carts Gone Wild is the best place by far for your Golf Cart needs. Dana and Tony are incredible to work with. Their knowledge of the Golf Cart business is far beyond any of the others. I drive an extra 40 minutes just to deal with them. Not that I have ever had to, but I would actually pay more for an item or service to my cart than go to any other place in the tri-state. They are awesome!"

    Overall Rating:
    Brian Mayo - Henderson, KY
  • "My neighbor purchased a used golf cart for me from Carts Gone Wild last fall, but it was late in the year so I didn't get to drive it much then. Then Spring rolled around and there is not a day that goes by I don't drive it at least around town once. I have a Pomeranian that just loves riding on it, fact if I leave without her she ignores me when I get back. Then about a month ago the cops here in town decided golf carts needed lights on them to be legal to drive on streets so I emailed Dana and told her my situation so she said bring it on over and we will fix it right up. And they did and it looks like it came off the assembly line with lights. So I am telling all my friends to do any kind of golf cart business at Carts Gone Wild!! I am so happy with it."

    Overall Rating:
    Rosanna Drew - Elberfied
  • "I went to look at golf carts at Carts Gone Wild and was very impressed with their selection and the custom work that they did. Like a fool, I thought I could save a little money by buying from an individual. Well, it did not work out and when I called Dana to take a look at the cart I bought and fix it for us, she was more than kind and willingly fixed our cart without any questions. If there is any future work to be done or we are in the market for another golf cart, we will be going to Carts Gone Wild. They are the best!"

    Overall Rating:
    Bruce Pearson - Evansville, IN
  • "Kassie was one of the best we have ever dealt with. She answered all our questions and showed us several carts to choose from and also said we could custom any cart we wanted. We found one already to our liking and bought it. Would do business with them again and will recommend them to our friends."

    Overall Rating:
    David & Linda Hester - Hartford, KY
  • "When deciding to upgrade from my "old reliable" I was thrilled to find that right here close to home was a fantastic choice of carts with full customization available. Dana and Tony were awesome to deal with, and were quick to answer my every question. The price was less than expected, and the service was above and beyond. Thanks Dana and Tony for a great experience."

    Overall Rating:
    Brett Smith - Mt. Carmel, IL
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