Certified Reconditioned

What Does "Certified Reconditioned" Mean?


  • All trim, seats, roof, struts, etc. removed from cart
  • Front and rear body removed for cleaning (if possible, depending on cart type)
  • Entire cart cleaned and power-washed with hot water
  • Front and rear suspension inspected, bushings and other components inspected, replaced as needed if any wear or damage is present
  • Front suspension lubricated
  • Tire and brake drums removed, brake shoes inspected, cleaned and replaced as needed
  • Brake cables inspected and replaced if broken or damaged, brakes adjusted
  • Tires inspected and replaced with good used tires as needed, worn and dry rotted tires replaced
  • Tire pressure set to designated specs, torque check all lugs
  • Original seats cleaned and inspected, seat cover replaced if ripped or damaged
  • Cart body washed, cleaned and buffed with wax, water spotting, scuffs, etc. removed as much as possible
  • Body trim is painted jet black, includes front and rear struts, all black plastic trim, knobs, dash, etc.
  • Chargers inspected and tested for electric carts
  • Batteries and cables replaced unless stated otherwise for electric carts
  • Oil filter, oil change, spark plug, air filter and fuel filter changed for gas carts
  • New drive and alternator belts when needed for gas carts
  • Alignment tow inspected and set as needed
  • Cart test driven and checked for abnormal noise and overall general function, any noted issues addressed
  • Second technician reviews check sheet and confirms work completed
  • Shop technician signs off on every item listed
  • Cart and serial number recorded and tracked for all items completed
  • Bumper to bumper 30 day warranty on all Certified Reconditioned carts less than 10 years old


  Before Reconditioning  




  After Reconditioning